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Sore Eyes For Sight
About time that I have some good news to report. I finally got my contacts ! And, although they are rather uncomfortable to wear(it's going to take some time to get used to them since they are the RGP/Rigid kind), I can SEE O_O . I hadn't seen that clearly in years. Kinda weird. I hadn't noticed how dirty my room is! Dust everywhere @_@.

So, minus the discomfort and the realization of being able to see details(dirt,dust,wrinkles)...I'm extremely glad to be able to have clearer vision. It's not perfect, but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I've had. Oh, and taking these suckers off is interesting. You have to 'pop' them out of your eye by blinking really fast. I keep thinking about "I dream of Jeanie" every time I blink. It's going to take some getting used to. My eyes are really sore right now. The doctor said to use them for as long as I could tolerate them at the beginning and keep on working up until I can use them for long periods..WELL, I wore them all day long today. Wouldn't you? Vision=Good

After my appointment, we went and had some Enchiladas at "El Mirador" and then did some light shopping. I spent the rest of the day hanging out at my mom's house. Nothing too exciting there.

Hmmm, I think that's all I'll report for now. I like when I have good things to report :D

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Yay for the gift of vision and enchildas! *hugs*

I'm really super serious. I almost cried when I read your post.

Awww. I probably would've cried too if I wasn't so afraid that the contacts would fall out hehe. Sneezing will be interesting.


*does the happy dance*

And now the rest of the world is no longer safe. With Veronica's vision comes her ability to drive. Look out, world! ^_~

That's fantastic! Congratulations!

Thanks! About time I got a break :D

congrats!.. it's amazing being able to see the world like that, isn't it? hehe.. have fun re-exploring things.

Totally! Now, I gotta find someone to trust me enough to allow me to practice drive their car XD

Nice to hear you can see so well now. Don't mind any wrinkles you might see, we all have 'em... ^^

Enjoy your contacts, just be sure to follow your doctor's advise concerning how long you wear them. Vision = Good -- Eye Damage = Bad

Thanks =) I won't over-do the use of them today. It was just so exciting to see things without the blur :D Too bad they didn't allow me to keep the numbing drops ;)

That's wonderful news! Congrats!

Thanks! You need to get yourself to A-Kon so we can hang :D


You will get used to the contacts in time. Did the doctor give you one of the mini eye plungers in case you can't pop the lenses out? I think I only had to use mine once. It's a silly thing. If you pull on the corner of your eye (like you're trying to give yourself slanted eyes) and then blink, it's much easier to get the lens out. It's actually harder to get the lenses out when you've been crying. They're not like soft lenses that really will just wash out of your eyes if you cry hard enough (happened to my mom).

That's enough contact advise. Again, congratulations!

I wanted one of the plunger things , but they didn't give me one. The person who showed me how to put the contacts in told me she prefers people don't use the plunger b/c it can harm the eye or something? O_O

They are going to take some getting used to;however, they are MUCH easier to handle than the soft contacts for some reason. The slant thing works really well..except when the contact decides to go hide >_>

thanks for the advice! =D We are now RGP Buddies!!

I remember the first time I got glasses, when I was 13.

"Holy shit - there are LEAVES on those trees!"

It might not seem like much but it was a world-changing moment for me.

Anyway, congratulations! :D

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