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Out and About
I went to run some errands at the Post Office. After that, I went to Wal-Mart and got a couple of things that I needed. There's so much stuff and not that much money to buy it with. Oh well. Tomorrow, I might be going to the mall to try and finish off the rest of the X-Mas shopping. I have no idea what to get people >_<

One of the cool things that I noticed with my new eyes is the ability to read the menus at the fast food places! No more asking people what they have listed :D On the downside, I'm still having trouble taking the contacts out. Sometimes, they just stick to my eyeball and refuse to 'pop' out. Wal-Mart didn't have those nifty thingies that suck out the lens. It's the lazy way, but it beats getting frustrated.

I think I'm going to go clean my room due to the fact that I can now see the over-abundance of filth and am embarrassed about it.


Long John Silver's Raspberry Iced Tea tastes like a melted grape popsicle =P

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Hrm.. to get your contacts out, if they are sticking to your eye, have you tried getting some eyedrops? I always found it a lot easier to get my contacts out (when I had them) if my eyes were slightly watery. But then, I had soft lenses... *shrugs*

Yeah, with Soft Lenses you can 'drop' them down and then slide them out.Or drown them like you suggested. RGP's are rigid and cannot be pinched out or flooded(actually makes it harder since they'll go floating all over the eyeball). So, that's why they have to be blinked out. It's so weird..they go flying out sometimes X_x.


Well.. you diffently don't want it to slide behind your eyeball... *ouchie*

Did I tell you about the time I pulled a HAIR (a LONG one) out of my eye? I have NO idea how it go in there, but it scared the SHIT outta me. Since then.. I'm sorta glad I went back to my glasses...

*hugs* I hope you get used to your contacts quickly though. It's good to hear that they help so much. ^_^

Wow, that's weird that stuff can slide all the way back @_@

*hugs* I think I'm getting used to them, I'm just sorta getting sick with a cold so my eyes are kinda watery and sting a little.

Are you feeling better?

yes and no. today i'm just feeling EXHAUSTED omre than anything.. though that might be partly because I stayed up late reading Laural K Hamilton's "Caressed by Twilight". I'm tired but not sleepy.. it sucks. I just want this thing to go away...

I hope you get feeling better too.

You'd probably have to go to an optometrist to get one of those eye plunger things - I don't think they're actually sold in regular stores.

Is pulling on the outside of your eye and blinking just not working? I know that's what my mom does with her RGPs, and I'm pretty sure kurayami_hime, too.

I think it just takes some getting used to taking them out. It's getting easier now :D

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