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MtV will be airing something called Volcano High

It looks pretty cool!

Premiering on Dec. 21st. I hope I still have cable by then >_>

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I have a copy of the original.. VERY spiffy... but the mtv one is dubbed..... with such GREAT voices as snoop dog..... i'm scared of the dub -__-

hehe. It should still be interesting to watch ;)

pfft... mtv needs to bring back CLONE high, is what they need to do.
and in the clip i saw,.. the kendo team lost because they lacked one Tatewake Kuno :P

yep, i still wanna watch it.

I saw the subbed version at a friend's place a few months ago....and yes it ROX! ^___^

If its dubbed, methinks it may not go so well ^^....

OOOO!!! THAT MOVIE ROCKS!!!!! XD The main character is goofy and kicks ass! Thanks for the update!!! I definitely want to see it again! XD

It looks pretty cool in the commercials. I hope I don't forget to watch it when it actually comes out :D

hmmm..... you didn't see this when we ran it at AWA? huh...


Dude, this is the greatest thing MTV has done aside from being born in the same month as I!

Yep! They've been airing commercials for it all week :D

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