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My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 android18sls a-glaring.
11 greggo4randys a-gyrating.
10 justintime2ks a-hollering.
9 khet_tchebas a-smooching.
8 kurayami_himes a-posting.
7 lethanns a-kissing.
6 lord_darkseids a-raving.
5 light green lostboydvs.
4 calling quus.
3 Indian swoos.
2 alpaca synamontwists.
And a unclejimbo in a plum tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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yer the Smooching Queen it seems XD

3 NATIVE AMERICAN Swoos....Geesh, aren't we un-PC!!!

maybe they referred to Swoos from 'India' ;)

*Chucks a snowball at you* Don't be so smart next time! :P

I give up! Ahhhh! *Parts the Red Sea and walks back to America*

Havent heard that since #4 in schoolhouse rock.LOL

NOOOOOO! I wanted to be a Vicuna!LOL


My friends in LJ always have the coolest people on their flist (me excluded, cause that would just be conceited XD)

Anyhow, I added ya. ^^ No pressure!

You were added back :D My life isn't too exciting, but, eh, that's what scroll bars are for ;)

hi! I'm from the duel_jewel community and want to ask you something, is it possible for me to contact you via AIM, MSN or email? 83

Sorry I did not reply sooner, my email is weird. You can contact me via AiM, MahoraNews is my screen name. Email mmmcoffee@gmail.com or kitty_minako@livejournal.com =)

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