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Obligatory Friends-Only Entry

Those who don't know me and want to know me,reply to this post. I did one of those dramatic "I'm removing you from my friend's list" moves and dropped those who had somehow pissed/offended/annoyed me. I'm pretty tolerant, so those people must have -really- gotten on my nerves ;)

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awwwww hugggs. I went friends only a while back too. you seem realy cool but i understand. =D

Not taking you off. You haven't pissed me off...yet. ;)

Well, I kinda added you since you were a friend of one of my friends [lethann ?]. So I'd like to think that the friend of my friend is my friend, if that makes sense ^^;;...

Yeah, that's cool =) You're a newbie, so you won't be dropped :D You gotta give me a reason to do that first.

Wow, that was quick! And yes, I admit that I'm a LJ newb -_-

Well, I meant you were new to my list ;)

I realize that:

a) We haven't spoken that much recently, but like you said, we're not the kind of friends that need high-maintenance to our friendship;

b) I've annoyed you in the past;

c) I've probably stressed you out too;

d) You've tried very hard to be a good friend to me and occasionally I'm sure I've been a bit of a hassle;

e) ... Okay, now that's just bizarro. But I don't doubt there are people like that.

Then we come to F); the fact is, you were there for me, I mean, THERE FOR ME, this past year when I felt my life was over. I know I probably annoyed you and upset you and might even have been nasty to you, but the truth is that I will never forget what you did for me and I will be eternally grateful to you for the rest of my life for just talking to me when I really needed a friend, even if all I did was bitch and complain. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid. This is a little hard to write.

So I hope you realize how much I appreciate you, and I'm glad I'm not cut. =)

I -KNOW- you care and value me and I'm glad we're still friends :D

Actually, you were in my and Ana's convo today. We're discussing who we'll be asking to room with us at Akon ;)

I hope at least I'm on the shortlist of potential candidates! :D

If you are bringing Winona Jr., you'll be way up on the list XD

I respect that. I know I'm probably in the category labeled under letter A (and probably B too), and I hardly take it personally. You have to do what you have to do, and that's cool. I know my journal and comments probably haven't seemed all that interesting as of late, I'm on the low end of my fandom cycle at the moment.

Take care out there. ^_^

(And that's the best friends-only picture I have ever seen.)

WAH. I don't know why I took you off! I guess I went delete crazy last night. Come baaaaaack! *offers him a gift basket*

Whoops, and I get back here a week later. Aren't I lame or what? ^_^

Hugs that is cool. I was thinking of doing the same thing, but I'm too lazy to thin my list down. Boy I can be such a slacker at times. I think most everyone on my list I hae met except for a few photographers:) And they were refered to by friends and I love their artwork:)

I kinda felt bad that I cut some people out, but it had to be done for my sanity and theirs ;)

Nope! Gotta love the toasties :D

Hiya! ^_^
I came accross your name thingy because the darniil dude guy...person...
Yeah! From what I've read in the 'non-unreadable stuff' you seem like a nice person! (buwa ha ha ha) and I was wondering if you wanted to add me to your thingy...thing. Gawd I'm literate when I'm sleep deprived.
You said if my 'user' thingy was interesting enough you'd prob add me. I'm warning you, I was heavily medicated when I wrote it, and right now, my lethargy prevents me from changing it. That, and I'm lazy. ^_~ (heh. I'm a freak)
umm... <---noteable brain waves
I like pie. And I can sit and rant about what neat things I notice in art for hours. lol. <---I'm an analytical person. Go me.
Let's see. I like butterflies with chain saws. There's one that lives in my closet. ¬_¬ . . .yeah.
I have this strange obsession as of late with emode.com quizes...probably because I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and I'm too lazy to do something constructive. ^__^
Well, be hearin from ya soon! Mebbe...unless you think I'm boring....cuz then I won't. (I'm overstating the obvious n_n)
lol. Of course, you could add me to your list for shits and giggles, but yeah...
I'm a shuttin' up now.

Lub and Hugs:

Welcome aboard, you are entitled to a entire free week evaluation! (Just Kidding)

Cya around ;)

ACK! An evaluation? *looks around her room* Crap. *dashes off to put all the junk in the closet* ^____^
Thanks for adding me. *happy* I'll be sure to be as normal as I can.
Translation: I'll be sure to be 'unboring' and 'un-evil'. <---those aren't even real words. :p

Not at the moment. I used to go and am planning to get back in this year =)

O_O you weren't at IHOP tonight in McAllen, were you? I saw someone who looked just like you.

Nope, I was at Target =) BTW. I always look around when I go to H-E-B. Do you still work at the one on Freddy?

wow I had no idea there were more people in Edinburg who grew in on the Anime community. Sorry i came across your LJ by clicking on the Edinburg keyword search. Just was curious if you know of any good Anime Clubs (not including the one at UTPA) around the RGV area?

Nope, don't know any outside of the Pan Am one. There's an anime convention in Dallas this coming June. Http://www.a-kon.com . Have you been to one? They're a lot of fun and you can immerse yourself in anime for 3-4 days straight.

anyway, you might want to ask cryokinetic or qthuny if they know of any clubs. They , too, are from Edinburg =)

swoo sent me.
My info isn't that super-great but I'd like to think that my LJ's pretty amusing (when I'm not whining).


I was going to say "swoo...and that's frightening enough" but I figured that would have killed my chances of ever being added.

(no hard feelins, Scotteroo!!!)

Via homestar. I saw your comment and was impressed by your resolve and your lack of getting long-winded like me. I just wanted to see your LJ, honestly, from that comment alone XD;

Mine's an odd smattering of things, and possibly not all that exciting, however, if you want to become LJ-buddies I'd really like that! And of course, no hard feelings if you don't want to friend me XD It's only the internets.

So... comment! :D

Added. I haven't been posting too much since my life has sort of been at a stand-still. I'm hoping it will become interesting once again. Hope to see you around.

In a moment of alcohol-induced weakness, I started paging through my old LJ. It's been an incredible stroll down memory lane. I do wonder if miss

Kitty still gets the e-mail to this account. Let me know. ;)

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