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Couldn't Help It
I went into the Disney Store and found myself cuddling this big pink Octopus stuffy. She was sooo adorable. I had to remind myself that I was shopping for presents for other people! So, she went back on the shelf. So so soooooffftt.

Minimal shopping was accomplished.I'll have to go back sometime during the week and finish up. After the mall, I came back home and played some cards and then headed out and went to have some coffee with M. That's about all I did today. I can't believe I've been up since 7:30am.

Hot Chocolate=YUM

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Mmmmm...hot chocolate. *_*!

Gah. I am so very much NOT in the mood to holiday shop. Too many people and just...urgh. *stays inside*

Yeah! It's so insane at the stores @_@

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